Balance of Plant Monitoring


‘Balance of Plant’ equipment plays a vital role in every generation facility. Downtime or failure of any of this equipment leads to increased costs, reduction in plant reliability, and downtime. Monitoring, diagnostics, and prognostics play a pivotal role in assuring your BOP reliability. In the past, collecting the data needed for effective execution of a BOP monitoring plan was labor intensive. New solutions enable plant-wide data collection allowing for instant integration into your enterprise management / APR software!

ELM FieldSight, LLC has developed a solution that enables plant-wide BOP condition monitoring. Our “FieldSight” Unit allows for wireless monitoring of all equipment, while giving you the ability to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure. Implementing new solutions in your enterprise can be a tough undertaking, but with ELM FieldSight, LLC’s full service offering, we have the knowledge and assets to: Design, Build, Install, and Support the best in class monitoring solution for your BOP assets.

Performance Parameters Monitored Assets Monitored Integration Opportunities Communication
Vibration Motors PI Servers Wi-Fi
Temperature Pumps Existing APR solutions Cellular
Power/Current Gearboxes SQL Database Land Line
Position Fans Oracle Databases Network Hardwire
Flow Transformers Online Portals Satellite

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