Alarm Notification

Within the FieldSight portal you can configure alarm conditions based on data readings and other calculated results. Once alarm conditions are set in the portal and a notification is created. Users have the ability to select how notifications are communicated: Email, SMS Text, or Audio Call. Notifications for each asset can be customized so only applicable parties are notified in the case of an alarm.

Data Hosting

If existing IT infrastructure does not exist to host your condition monitoring data, all data can be hosted and stored in the FieldSight Portal. Asset Management Specialists can then log in via any web connected device and remotely view performance data, correlate reported data to events, view past data sets, and use the information to make decisions moving forward.

Asset Specific Dashboards

Every asset in your enterprise is different. In order to make effective decisions the data that needs to be reviewed is different for every asset class. In the FieldSight portal we give you the ability to have a customized at-a-glance view of your most important metrics for each asset type, all on one screen eliminating the need to toggle through multiple data sets.

Trend Analysis and Advanced Pattern Recognition

Within the FieldSight portal we can deliver Trend recognition and Advanced Pattern Recognition use the FieldSight data leading to anomaly detection and early warning of equipment failure. With preloaded logic/past trends, the FieldSight portal can assist your team in detecting anomalies in asset performance by continuously comparing current values to detailed empirical models of “normal” data. Implementation of this feature allows for highly effective tracking of asset health and increases asset lifetime.

Asset Control

Control Generator Monitoring Generators based off of market conditions. Turn off assets that are operating at dangerous levels (High Temperature, Vibration, Low Fuel Levels, etc). Adjust operating parameters of running assets.

Custom Integration to Existing IT Infrastructure

The open software structure of the FieldSight Portal enables integration with popular IT solutions that are already in place within your enterprise. In the FieldSight Portal we give the user the ability to decide when and what data is pushed to your legacy software. Assuring all data management solutions are sharing the same data set is key in Asset Condition Monitoring

IT Consulting

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