Refrigeration/HVAC Systems

Refrigeration and climate cooling is a vital part to any food services enterprise. Mis-management of these assets can lead to: Store downtime, product loss, and most importantly economic costs! The ability to monitor and control these assets will help your enterprise increase technician productivity, reduce unscheduled downtime, extend asset life, and save on energy costs!

ELM FieldSight, LLC has developed a solution that enables enterprise wide monitoring of your refrigeration and HVAC systems. Our "FieldSight” Unit allows for wireless monitoring and control of all equipment, while giving you the ability to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure. Implementing new solutions in your enterprise can be a tough undertaking, but with ELM FieldSight, LLC’s full service offering, we have the knowledge and assets to: Design, Build, Install, and Support the best in class monitoring solution for your BOP assets.

Performance Parameters Monitored Assets Monitored Integration Opportunities Communication
Temperature Refrigeration Racks PI Servers Wi-Fi
Pressure/Vibration Climate Cooling Systems Existing APR solutions Cellular
Power/Current Condensers SQL Databases Land Line
RPMs Freezer Cases Oracle Databases Network Hardwire
Liquid Levels Lighting Online Portals Satellite
Leak Detection Leak Dectors

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